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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Announced for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, and PC!

Posted on Feb 21st 2024 16:47:29 in Game News, Collection, Announcements

An enhanced port of the original Star Wars: Battlefront games will release on March 14th on all platforms!

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Guide: Getting Online with PCSX2

Posted on May 26th 2018 16:09:54 in PlayStation 2, Guides

A quick and simple guide for getting online the PlayStation 2 emulator, PCSX2

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Guide: Getting your PlayStation 2 Online

Posted on Apr 28th 2018 13:26:33 in PlayStation 2, Guides

A quick and simple guide to getting online with your PlayStation 2 in order to play Star Wars: Battlefront II.

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Welcome to SWBFII.COM!

Posted on Sep 19th 2017 00:09:22 in

Hello, I am SG-17, founder of SWBFII.COM. I created this site with the intention of being a hub for community efforts for Star Wars Battlefront II. Since then it has grown into a catch-all fansite for the game.

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