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Update 1 Now Available for all Consoles but There is Still a Long Way to Go

Posted on 29th Mar 2024 14:42:18 in Updates, Collection, Announcements

In what proved to be an grueling wait, update 1 is now out on all consoles.

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Update 1 for the Classic Collection out now on Steam, soon for Consoles

Posted on 18th Mar 2024 23:00:30 in Updates, Game News, Collection, Announcements

The Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection has gotten its first major post-launch patch.

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The Classic Collection has some Serious Issues that Need to be Addressed

Posted on 14th Mar 2024 07:48:30 in Opinion, Collection, Announcements

What should have been an exciting event instead turned into misery with the launch of the Classic Collection.

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The Collection has a Server Browser and Custom Games! Competition is on!

Posted on 13th Mar 2024 07:35:30 in Updates, Game News, Competition, Collection, Announcements

With press previews and the game rolling out we've learned all versions will have a server browser and custom games!

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Pre-Loading is now live on all platforms!

Posted on 12th Mar 2024 08:17:59 in Announcements, Collection, Updates

You can now pre-load the Collection on all platforms!

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Check out the Archives for some Nostalgic BFC History!

Posted on 5th Mar 2024 13:43:32 in PlayStation 2, Competition, Announcements

The Archives have been updated with the seasons in the first league of The Battlefront Community.

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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Announced for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, and PC!

Posted on 21st Feb 2024 16:47:29 in Game News, Collection, Announcements

An enhanced port of the original Star Wars: Battlefront games will release on March 14th on all platforms!

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