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Guide: Getting Online with PCSX2

Posted on May 26th 2018 16:09:54 in PlayStation 2, Guides

This post will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to go online with the PlayStation 2 emulator PCSX2. If you are looking on how to get online with your hardware PlayStation 2 click here.


Required Materials:

  1. A decent PC. PCSX2 is very CPU dependent. I use an FX-8370.
  2. A copy of Star Wars: Battlefront II
  3. A copy of a Network Start-Up disc, the network setup function within games will not work.

Step 1:

Download and install PCSX2.

Step 2:

Download and install WinPcap.

Step 3.

Download the Network Adapter plug-in and make sure it is installed in your plug-in folder and that it is activated in the PCSX2 menu.

Step 4.

Make sure that your Network Start-up Disc is in your DVD drive or a legally ripped backup .ISO file is on your PC and boot up the disc/image file.

Step 5.

Follow the same steps as the hardware PS2 guide starting from step 3 to set-up the static IP address and custom DNS addresses.


If you have any questions please post them in the Help and Support section of the forum or leave a comment below.

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