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A Wishlist for the Star Wars: Battlefront Collection

Posted on Feb 26th 2024 09:49:42 in Opinion, Collection, Articles

SWBF Collection

The release of the Star Wars: Battlefront Collection fast approaches. In less than three weeks we will all be playing these fantastic games again. That said, we really do not know much about how the collection will work or what it will involve. One of the big ephemeral wishes for a collection of this type has already been answered, including the Xbox hero and map DLC content. For the first time on PlayStation will we be able to play as Kit Fisto, Asajj Ventress, and on the venerable Cloud City, Rhen Var Citadel, Rhen Var Harbor, and Yavin IV Arena without using mods.

Beyond this there are several key wishes I'd like to see granted.

  1. A Server Browser and Custom Games.
    1. While I find it very unlikely that we will be able to create PC Dedicated Servers on modern consoles like we could on the PlayStation 2, I would still very much like to see a server browser and some for of custom or private games where you can adjust the basic settings like ticket count, hero settings, map rotation, and the like. This will ensure the game has longevity beyond a purely matchmaking only system.
  2. Console-Crossplay.
    1. While my opinion on PC-console crossplay is a sour one, I would love to at least see crossplay between the PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch releases of the game. This will ensure a healthly playerbase for a long time.
  3. PlayStation 2 Stat Settings
    1. For those unaware, the PlayStation 2 version of Star Wars: Battlefront II had several significant differences in weapon and class balance versus the PC version. Snipers had reticles, a longer delay in firing, and a smaller clip size. Rockets had a larger splash damage spread, rifles had more dispersion but did more damage, and pistols did more damage for example.
  4. Preservation of Bugs and Glitches
    1. This might sound like an odd one, but I want the experience to be as authentic as possible and this includes the various bugs and glitches (so long as they aren't gamebreaking) that were present in the PlayStation 2 version.
  5. Four-Player Splitscreen
    1. We know that Two-Player Splitscreen will be present in the Collection, however the original Xbox version supported Four-Player Splitscreen. Since we no longer need to worry about how many controller ports our consoles have, having Four-Player Splitscreen would be fantastic.

I'll add more to this post as I think of them, but I think this covers the major points for the console versions.


If you are interested in what PC players wish for, check out this video MDP_Toaster about PC specific wishes that largely relate to modding.


See you on the Battlefront!

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