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Remaining Issues with the Classic Collection

Posted on Mar 30th 2024 12:59:23 in Opinion, Collection, Articles

Update 1 finally is available on all platforms and has indeed managed to fix several serious issues such as the lack of Y-Axis Inversion and reversed audio channels but there are still a few key problems that need to be addressed to get the Classic Collection to what I'd call a good place.

  1. Multiplayer Issues:
    • The server browser is unstable, it does not correctly show the active player counts in a server, the sort function does not work, and it still has issues with refreshing and displaying servers.
    • Full servers can appear as having open slots so if you try to join them you get kicked and it will screw up your server browser forcing you to back out to the main menu.
    • Hit detection is still a major issue, it has gotten better but it is still a far cry from even the old days of GameSpy servers. Reducing or removing the AI bots would help tremendously as would reducing the player count to something more manageable for most maps, like 32-40 players. 
    • The multiplayer is still region locked, segmenting an already small playerbase. All regions need to be able to see and join all servers, as it is right now the playerbase is significantly fragmented and there is no way for friends in different regions to play together at all.
    • This is personal preference, but Team Damage should be turned on in Aspyr servers to prevent mine spam.
  2. General Gameplay and Graphical Issues:
    • Aim acceleration and sensitivity is still not working correctly. Aiming is much slower than even the PlayStation 2 version and the inconsistent acceleration is a significant issue in getting the gameplay to feel correct. 
    • There are seemingly still no deadzones on the sticks so you can end up with errant input.
    • The Classic Collection still has issues with random crashes. Don't know what else to say here really.
    • AI still cannot use heroes outside of Hero Assault.
    • Some maps still have the odd black shapes and missing objects at times.
    • Awards are broken so that you earn them inconsistently and erratically, this includes in multiplayer which can result in gameplay issues.
  3. Wishlist for the Future:
    • Dedicated Server options for consoles. Whether this is Aspyr providing the software for us to host our own or whether they provide or partner with a provider to offer server rentals that would significantly help nurture and grow a community with the Classic Collection.
    • Baring the above, more self-hosting options such as being able to turn off awards and the ability to "set and forget" a self-host so that it could keep running itself without input from the host so long as your console stays connected.
    • Console-Crossplay. The service that Aspyr used to recreate the network back-end for the Classic Collection, Photon Engine, supports crossplay as part of its development package. If Aspyr had the impetus they could likely implement crossplay in the Classic Collection.

Despite the time it took to get through certification Update 1 has been a welcomed update for the Classic Collection. I just hope that Aspyr keeps listening and keeps fixing their mess. These games are classics and deserve nothing less.

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