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  • Speciality: Attack
  • Mobility: High
  • Team Roles: Direct Attack, Flanking
  • Durability: Moderate

Fast, tough, and very effective at close-to-medium range, Assault Troopers clear the path for teammates and punch their way through enemy lines.

  • Speciality: Area Control, Defense
  • Mobility: Low
  • Team Roles: Cover Fire, Heavy Weapons
  • Durability: High

Sometimes, you need to lay down a rain of suppression fire, hold the line near a capture point, or brute-force your way through a narrow corridor. Heavy class excels in these roles.

  • Speciality: Support
  • Mobility: Moderate
  • Team Roles: Strengthening Teammates, Battlefield Control
  • Durability: Moderate

Officers make their teammates better. They wield special skills to buff classes, lock down enemy positions with automated blasters, and strengthen their allies.

  • Speciality: Distance Attacks, Stealth
  • Mobility: Moderate
  • Team Roles: Sniping, Traps
  • Durability: Low

Specialists are the tricksters of the battlefield. They’re extremely powerful on defense and create openings for Assault and Heavy classes by eliminating threats.