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If you would like your clan added to this page please send the following via email to SG-17. Clans will be listed in the order they are received.

  • Clan Name and Clan Tag (if applicable)
  • Clan Description (who the clan is for, how long its existed, etc)
  • Clan Website/Subreddit/Discord/etc
  • Clan Graphic/Image (may be modified to fit)
  • Clan Member List in Origin IDs
  • Clan Statistics (win/loss)

If you do not wish to use email you can reply to this post on the forums instead.



  • meh
  • Founded February 2016
  • Community TBD
  • Members (Origin IDs):
    • meh-Spathi (leader)
    • meh-ManPhalanges (leader)
    • meh-BoMbeR
    • meh-ssp
    • meh-Stryyx
    • meh-Pterotactical
    • meh-Lolidc
    • meh-RemoTe
    • meh-Corsair
    • meh-STRIKEBOMB
    • meh-outboardsix
    • meh-Destroyer
    • meh-ElvenKing
    • meh-Kilobight
    • meh-DanaCardinal
  • Clan Statistics (PC):
    • Drop Zone I Champions
    • Cargo I Champions
    • Droid Run I Champions


Cheat Police

  • Cheat Police [CPOL]
  • We’re a group players out to catch cheaters. All members record their gameplay and submit it for editing so that it can be put on YouTube in order to expose the cheaters. It’s fairly new, not many members at the moment as we’re still setting things up.
  • Discord
  • Members (Origin IDs):
    • BDangercat
    • Boxip
    • DrathVordebork
    • HamDaniels
    • Timothelius
    • Amras_Valteri
    • Suattana
  • Clan Statistics: N/A


Auraxium Renegades

  • Auraxium Renegades [AURRE]
  • We have been around since 2014. We began the Battlefront team in closed BETA. More info on website.
  • Website
  • Members (Origin IDs):
    • dAnc
    • Butane
    • Cash
    • HanYolo
    • JadonB
    • Revt0
    • Demon
    • Pride
    • Perman
    • Cira
    • HDD
    • Locke
    • Exile
    • Snek
    • Machigane
    • FroZone
  • Clan Statistics:
    • 2nd Place in Drop Zone BFC #1
    • 2nd Place in Drop Zone Master Cup
    • 2nd Place in Clan Cargo League
    • 1st Place in Intergalactic Drop Zone Cup


Masters of the Universe

  • Masters of the Universe (MOTU)
  • MOTU was founded around June 2016 after a bunch of us left a clan to start our own. We love the competitive scene and strive to learn more about the game and each other. Since forming, we've participated in almost every tournament on PC and are involved heavily in the community. Our requirements to join MOTU: Play with us often, be mature/respectful, strive to develop a deeper understanding of the game, and have fun. It helps if you have prior FPS experience. Once you have met these requirements the clan will discuss to see if you're a good fit. We would then invite you to join the clan.
  • Website: In Progress | Discord: Invite Only
  • Members (Origin IDs):
    • MOTU-DaceBonearm (leader)
    • MOTU-Khaleesi (co-leader)
    • MOTU-babyweapon
    • MOTU-Burglecut
    • MOTU-Ch0senBac0n
    • MOTU-Cobra
    • MOTU-Deerber
    • MOTU-Ducoterra
    • MOTU_Dumbledoe
    • MOTU-Fupa_iAm
    • MOTU-GerryBoulet
    • MOTU-Gunnulf
    • MOTU-Hecka
    • MOTU-Hinx
    • MOTU-Mixnus
    • MOTU-potatomax
    • MOTU-MurckB
    • MOTU-TerminatorWat
    • MOTU-wunby
  • Clan Statistics: TBD


Rebel Ground Forces

  • Rebel Ground Forces (RGF)
  • The Rebel Ground Forces is an established club with a 15 year history of providing an open, friendly, and vibrant community for Star Wars gamers of all skill levels.
  • Website
  • Members (Origin IDs):
  • Clan Statistics: N/A


Imperial Ground ForcesImperial Ground Forces

  • Imperial Ground Forces (IGF)
  • Imperial Ground Forces is a Star Wars gaming community going back almost 20 years. We're hyped for the new Battlefront II coming out in November, and we hope you'll game with us! Join our Discord and say Hi, and check out our Website, We look forward to having you!
  • Website
  • Discord
  • Members (Origin IDs):
  • Clan Statistics: N/A



  • Get your clan added here!
  • Description
  • Community
  • Members (Origin IDs):
    • Leader name
  • Clan Statistics: